The InteliFan microprocessor is a patented product that reduces annual HVAC operating costs.

In the HVAC industry all the talk is about the efficiency of the equipment as it is running. This conversation is usually focused around SEER, HSPF and AFUE ratings. Rarely are contractors discussing with homeowners what happens when the thermostat is satisfied after the call for heating or cooling. In summer, the coiling coil is still cold at the time the thermostat reaches the desired temperature and the system cycles off. This is also true for the heat exchangers in heating season. This energy can still be used by intelligently running the fan long enough after the cycle, pulling the cool or warm air off the cooling coil or heat exchanger and putting it into your home where it belongs.

In a typical HVAC system, the equipment typically utilizes a time delay that is preset to run the fan for 60 seconds after the call for heating or cooling. This default setting is often not readjusted by the installer according to the specific installation, climate, etc. The challenge here is that the default may be too long or not long enough.

80% of your energy bill as it relates to heating or cooling your home is spent on running the air conditioning condenser outside or heating up the heat exchanger during the heating season. Only 20% is spent on running the fan. So, wouldn’t it make sense to run the fan longer and the condenser/heat exchanger less? Studies show that even after the typical fan time delay the air conditioner cooling coil/heat exchanger still has latent energy left over. This wasted energy is not delivered to the desired living space when the fan stops blowing. The InteliFan microprocessor is a secondary controller that intelligently recovers the remaining heating and/or cooling capacity for optimum HVAC equipment efficiency. It’s not an arbitrary default setting; it’s intelligent and it knows how much energy is left and how long to run the fan. Studies show that the Intelifan outperforms thermostat and equipment programmed time delay settings. The InteliFan microprocessor makes use of the cooling coil/heat exchanger capacity by intelligently extending the fan run time the necessary amount, leaving the fan running over the cooling coil/heat exchanger and pushing the conditioned air into your home where it belongs!

Not just a timer, it's Intelligent

  • Extends fan run time for a predicted period after the compressor or heater cycles off
  • Patented, reliable and proven, with over 42,000 installations
  • Increases the life of HVAC systems since it runs less
  • Suitable for residential and commercial split and packaged systems, both heat pump and straight cool
  • Easy installation either at the thermostat or at the air handler
  • Uses safe 24Vac low voltage
  • Fast Return on Investment, often under 2 years
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

The InteliFan microprocessor adjusts the fan run time automatically to maximize the capacity of the system. This device is easy for a qualified professional to install. It requires no programming or maintenance, and will provide years of reliable and money-saving benefit. The InteliFan microprocessor recovers and delivers more heating and cooling energy to the conditioned space than is normally possible with basic factory HVAC system settings, or other simple fan controllers.

InteliFan has the ability to reduce HVAC energy consumption by 15% or more!

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